Wednesday, July 30, 2014


She scribbled clandestine and surreptitious in plain paper, applying second layer of ink on C. This is it, she heard him saying. That's what sells, clandestine.  May be this would click, he murmured looking at her rucksack of stories. She tossed the book away, watching the bold C shimmer in bed lamp and waited for S to conjoin. He murmured again, leave it. You may spin a story on us. Beyond the shimmer, and on the other side of darkness, he turned away, pulling the bedsheet closer to him. She watched his bare shoulders peeping from the bedsheet and scribbled a bold S watching him sleep in peace. Tomorrow, the tryst begins.

Fwd: Cappuccino

The love sign in the huge cappuccino cup smirked at her. She wanted to pierce right through the middle, disturbing its peace for that moment. Far away, two people cocooned themselves away from the world, sipping two straws from one cup. Bliss, happiness and unhygienic!!! Sigh!!!

She shut herself from them and watched water trickle down from the glass panes. Once, she was with him in one umbrella, with his fingers writing some strange love words in the glass panel, which would be wiped away by the rain water. One more word and again water would clean it away. Last he wrote memories and rain stopped. She didn't remember what happened after that. Right now, the bill of huge cappuccino cup demanded the price of love.  


Friday, July 25, 2014


Watching calm shadows from my windows

Sea gushes in your city

Engulfing everyone in strange passion

I speak of discordant emotions

of calm seas and gushing winds

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Morning rays sinking in
Utensils chaos faraway
Conversations with me

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Searching for words
Your distant murmurs

Monday, April 28, 2014

Salem and more

When the small drop of sweat trickles right after bath, you know Madras summer has set in with all vigour. When summer sets in, memories of Salem keep thrusting themselves in all force. Salem and summer for a long time were like conjoined twins for me. We would be packed the day exams got over for long vacation at grandparents place. Now, now instead of imagining happy and gleaming grandparents, waiting at the doorstep and children crashing into the swinging arms, lets shiftbase to what was reality. I think I told you before about how we would land at odd hours, with grim and dirt of two days of train sticking on to us like odd cousins of the journey. So after two days of scrubbing, watching parents return back to Mumbai and the entire pack of cousins settling in, we would settle in. First few days we would watch the mornings toss into lazy afternoons and then submerge in the evenings and watch the mosquitoes invade the quaint houses. By then Kanaka patti would have started her never ending battle with mosquitoes. We have seen the phase of rudimentary battles of coconut husk burnt, wood pieces burnt and the entire courtyard engulfed in smoke. Then came the era of good knight. By evening, children who were insistent on playing outdoors would be thrown outdoors and all doors and windows would be closed for goodknight to start the games with mosquitoes. The initial euphoria of Good Knight may be lasted a few weeks, after which Patti decided that it was marketing gimmick. Even in the days of soporific DD ads, Patti had foresight of marketing gimmick. Then one day, Kuppuswamy ( even this name has a story, more about that later), while sweeping the garden told Patti, about combination of good knight , dried leaves and coconut husks. He said all that was needed was leftover goodknight tablets, dried leaves and coconut husks. Though patti initially thought that he was evading the task of cleaning the garden and throwing away the leaves, she gave in when he produced proof of his non-lumpy non-red skin. And lo, all cousins had an exciting task of gathering the leftover goodknight tablets, from the cupboard, under the bed, behind doors, in the kitchen. No no, we weren't adventurous enough to get into dustbin. But everywhere the otherwise throw away tablets, the blue saviours emerged and were thrown along with dried leaves and coconut husks. Kuppuswamy stood there, amidst all smoke and imagining the mosquitoes flying away. When the courtyard had all the fragrance of tablets, coconut husks , dried leaves, and we children had no restrictions on walking in and out, Patti finally relented that Good Knight may not have been an advertisement gimmick afterall. But the first day of new experiment last may be few hours. After Kuppuswamy left and the smoke finally settled in to nothing, mosquitoes, mostly giant ones emerged from mango trees and other plants. By night we were back to basics. Hitting them with hands, scrabbling for good knight and before Patti could start cribbing again, we decided, tomorrow is another day. For tomorrow, the combination of tablets, dried husk and leaves would be late in the evening.